Road Safety Calcutt

by billhoult on 27 January, 2009

Following a query regarding road safety raised by a Calcutt resident I have contacted Mr McGonigle the traffic Engineer and have received the following response:-

In respect of the specific issues you refer to in the letter I can confirm the following:-

Road Safety
I have rechecked the accident records which confirm that there have been no reportable accidents involving personal injury on the section of road between the Union Public House and Waterside (including Low Bridge) in the last five years. As you suggest this record is unlikely to justify funding for any major highway improvements. This situation at the Forest Moor Road/Calcutt/Thistle Hill junction, where there have been two serious (and one slight ) injury accidents in the last four years is a cause for more concern and I will be including a bid for funding to address the problems at this location in the next Local Transport Plan bid. The scheme for traffic calming measures on Forest Moor Road itself has been included in the potential scheme list for the last three years without ever gaining sufficient priority to be considered for funding.

Low Bridge
I do not believe it would be possible to introduce temporary signals on Low Bridge (which would provide a meaningful assessment of any long term outcomes) without spending a considerable sum (say £8k) on the temporary measures. I am afraid that such funding is not available via the normal maintenance budget at this time but a permanent scheme has been nominated for funding through the LTP prioritisation process although, because of the absence of accidents, this has a low priority at the moment.

Electronic Signs
NYCC have produced a protocol for the introduction of electronic speed measurement signs which requires that such measures should only be used when there is a significant accident problem and where all other viable measures have been shown to be ineffective in resolving the accident problems. This is partly to ensure that such signs (which are also relatively expensive to provide and maintain) are not installed all over the County which experience has shown would eventually contribute towards their ineffectiveness.

Chris Mcgonigle
Chief Traffic Engineer

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