Burglar Alarm Service

by billhoult on 16 June, 2009

Have you ever worried about what might happen if after setting off for a holiday or business away from home your burglar alarm starts to go off due to a fault in the system?

Even the best maintained alarms can occasionally set themselves off and under the nuisance laws local authorities can be called in by neighbours to take action to stop the alarm. Sometimes that means breaking into the house to disable the alarm and usually a bill to pay for the service never mind any repair costs to the house itself!

Get yourself Registered
Harrogate Borough Council has instituted a “Burglar Alarm Keyholder Registration Form” on which you can log the details of 2 keyholders who should be available in your absence to either cut off the alarm or at least give the local authority access to the property without damage.

It is a simple form to complete just email Audrey.lancaster@harrogate.gov.uk

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