Local Development Framework-Update

by billhoult on 27 November, 2009

A report was presented to the District Development Committee on 16 November which sought to justify the Harrogate Councils core strategy following a recent appeal decision.

The committee was asked “to endorse the council’s planning policies within the Harrogate District Core Strategy” and “to endorse the Council’s approach to indentifying a five year housing land supply”. This would have reinstated the discredited proposal to build large housing estates on green field land such as the Knaresborough Eastfield extension. Liberal Democrats on the committee were successful in striking out that commitment to agree a more general recommendation.

Interestingly the proposal received cross party support and was therefore a blow to the credibility of the plans and proposals being put forward by the Conservative administration that is clearly hell bent on pursuing an already discredited policy.

The Development Plan Documents (DPDs) will continue to be rolled forward, including the one on sports provision which the inspector has rejected once already, and presented for consultation in one lump; rather like the previous local plan. 
The Timetable for further consultation is as follows

  • Informal consultations and community engagement Autumn 2009 to Spring 2010
  • Draft DPD consultation: Autumn 2010
  • Assessment of Consultation responses: Spring 2011
  • Draft to Secretary of State: Early 2012
  • Independent Examinationof the DPD: Summer 2012
  • Adoption of DPD: Late 2012 

See my report in August 2008,

and a summary of the Inspectors report in January 2009   

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