Knaresborough Lorrywatch Success

by billhoult on 11 December, 2009

The success of the 50 lorrywatch volunteers checking the abuse of Ripley Road (B6165) has persuaded the County Council that the abuse of the 7.5tonne weight limit is serious and requires legal action.

 cllrs-joneshoult-willoughby-at-bond-end.JPGCllr Anne Jones (Scriven Park Ward) has organised the volunteers and about 50 forms have been submitted as a result of their actions. An officer from the Trading Standards department has confirmed that it will be possible to take prosecutions and that indeed the first will be heard by Harrogate magistrates court on 22 January 2010.

Trading Standards have also confirmed that they will be operating enforcement checks on the road which will continue for as long as necessary as a commitment to local residents Cllr Jones commented that she would like to congratulate the volunteers for the commitment to the campaign and is pleased that their action is bearing fruit. It is suspected that many lorries using Knaresborough High Street are travelling to or from the B6165 and this action will be as great deterrent.

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