Bedale Bypass in Doubt as Economic Squeeze Bites

by billhoult on 22 December, 2009

The future of the contentious Bedale, Aiskew Bypass has been put in doubt. This was the answer to a question I put to the Tory County Council Executive Member for Highways and Planning at the last County Council Meeting earlier this month. It seems that the Government has put all bypass schemes in the Region on hold due to the economic circumstances.

The Yorkshire Post only last weeks highlighted a dozen schemes that are at risk although no dates have been given for when a final decision will be made.

One of the complications that attaches to the Bedale Bypass is that it must be synchronized with work currently being carried out to upgrade the A1 to motorway status, and this means that timing is all important.

Only a month ago I raised concerns as Leader of the Liberal Democrats at County Hall about the escalating costs of the scheme which could end up with County Council taxpayers having to stump up to £15M.

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