Road Safety-Forest Moor Road, Calcutt

by billhoult on 22 May, 2010

A consultation is being carried out by the Highway Authority on the Harrogate and Knaresborough Service Centre Transportation Strategy regarding road safety provisions for Forest Moor Road in Calcutt. calcutt-009.jpg

One suggestion is to provide 4 traffic islands (for pedestrians to use to cross the road) at various points along the length of the road. Although not specified the most logical locations are at the bus stops.

The islands would provide an element of traffic calming as well as help pedestrians.This is exactly the same proposal that I made to the Harrogate Borough Council back in 2006 when they had the Highway Agency. The response I received was that the road was too narrow to allow the safe use of the refuges on a central island. This would mean that the road require widening at the location of the refuges which would of course increase the costs.

The scheme was ruled out at that time due to cost and higher priority of other schemes in the agency area.

I am pleased that the proposal is being reconsidered by North Yorkshire County Council.

Although the pedestrian islands would not provide the ultimate solution to speeding traffic (only traffic platforms will do that and there is local resistance to those) experience suggests that they do reduce speeds and mad cap overtaking.

I certainly support the proposal but wish to hear what you, local residents feel about it and whether you have any other ideas to improve the road?

As a first step the County Council is consulting with what they describe as stakeholders such as the Knaresborough Town Council and local councillors before going on to wider consultation with members of the public later this year.

Please let me know your views by either writing to me at 8 Manor Road, Knaresborough HG5 0BN Tel 01423 867804 or by email


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  1. Peter Kitching says:

    Although I first raised my concerns back in 2006 it is good to hear that road / pedestrian safety issues are being reconsidered for Forest Moor Road / Calcutt.

    Your leaflet states that “one of the suggestions is to provide 4 traffic islands” . – What are the other suggestions?

    I have no strong feelings against traffic islands along Forest Moor Road, depending on their location but I would have thought it better to spend the available funds for safety provisions and improvements where the risk is greatest. To my knowledge there have been no accidents along Forest Moor Road and as you stated in one of your earlier emails to me, funding is prioritised by accident statistics.

    In my opinion the risk of an accident is much greater at the junction of Forest Moor Road , Thistle Hill and Calcutt, adjacent to The Union pub and this is where money should first be spent. Over the years I have lived here I have seen many accidents at this junction ranging from minor bumps and shunts to the more major accidents where vehicles have left the road and crashed into the pub or mounted the pavement and hit the garden walls on Belmont View.

    The suggestion I gave you back in 2006 was that a roundabout should be installed at this junction – Has this been considered?
    Pedestrian crossing islands should be included in the design of the roundabout

    The benefits of a roundabout at this junction would be:
    *to reduced the speed of traffic coming from Thistle Hill and Blands Hill as all traffic would have to slow for the roundabout.
    *increased safety at the junction
    *better traffic flow preventing tail backs up Forest Moor Road when cars are trying to turn right up Thistle Hill
    *safer pedestrian crossing due to reduced speed
    I look forward to the further consultation and hopefully we can get a resolution that will improve the safety and environment of Calcutt village.

  2. Cllr Bill Hoult says:

    In response to the previous comment, I have to say that it should not be assumed that there are in fact “available funds”. This scheme will have to compete with other shcemes in the Harrogate area and indeed the County Council area. This is why if little local interest is shown we may end up once again with nothing.
    Bill Hoult

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