Road Safety Consultation Forest Moor Road Calcutt

by billhoult on 11 June, 2010

Following various responses to my consultation on the North Yorkshire County Council suggestions for Forest Moor Road  below is my response :- 

Dear Mr Broomhead
Harrogate And Knaresborough Service Centre Transportation Strategy

Further to your letter dated 18 May 2010 I have consulted with some residents on Forest Moor Road on possibletraffic-island.jpg

 improvements to  safety. I have also re consulted my correspondence with the previous Harrogate Agency over road safety issues to do with Calcutt.

You may know that in 2006 I did suggest that a traffic calming scheme on Forest Moor Road incorporating pedestrian traffic islands would help both in terms of traffic calming, preventing unsafe overtaking as well as help pedestrians crossing the road to access bus services. That still remains my view. I do know from previous consultation that most residents along the road would not be happy with speed platforms.

Another suggestion that I have received is that the practicalities of providing a mini roundabout at the junction of Thistle Hill and Forest Moor Road be considered. I understand that there have been some traffic “bumps” at this location.
One concern that has emerged is that Forest Moor Road and Thistle Hill are increasing being used as a “rat run” by traffic to avoid the long queues that build up on the Wetherby Road for traffic entering Harrogate at busy times. Surveys to substantiate the level of this usage would be useful.

I would like to remind you that there are equal concerns regarding speeding and pedestrian safety  on Thistle Hill, Blands Hill and Low Bridge.

County Councillor Bill Hoult

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