Calcutt Road Safety Report

by billhoult on 20 March, 2011

At a recent meeting of the Knaresborough Safer Communities Group the issue of speeding in Calcutt was raised together with the linked issue of pedestrian conflict at low bridge. This was a follow up from the survey carried out by the North Yorkshire Fire Service of speeding that concentrated on the Blands Hill area from its junction with Forest Moor Road to Low Bridge.

The Fire Officer representative explained that the survey indicated that although the average speed on the road was in excess of 30mph it was not sufficiently high when taking into account the low accident rate on this stretch of the road. He did stress that across the County there were many higher priority “black spots” to be resolved.

Representatives from Calcutt made very strong points that due to the nature of the road (narrow and twisting) even speeds of under 30mph were excessive and dangerous bearing in mind the pedestrian conflict at the bridge where it is necessary to cross the road twice.

From previous contacts I know that some of you are not happy with the idea of traffic lights on the bridge but I still feel that a “trial” period of say six months would be worth a try. This solution has worked at Grimbald Bridge, Stockwell Avenue and Halfpenny Lane Railway Bridge. However I do accept that traffic flows are different at Low Bridge. There has also been a suggestion that a mini roundabout might help at the Junction outside the Union PH.

Also the issue of speeding on Forest Moor Road and Thistle Hill are still important  but in the present economic climate I fear that there will be no early solutions coming forward.

Any Comments?

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