700+ Houses shock for Knaresborough

by billhoult on 2 July, 2011

Proposed Housing Site

Three years ago Harrogate Borough Council proposed to build a massive estate of 600 houses and industrial Estate on Greenfield land off the Eastfield Estate. Despite those proposals being kicked out by the Government Inspector a new proposal for 700 houses with 5 hectares of Industry is being put forward.

I successfully campaigned against the previous proposal  (see posts January 2009) and am not happy with the new proposals, the new  extension is huge, much bigger than before stretching past the Goldsborough roundabout and including a possible “Park and Ride” site. Also included is the old chestnut of a “railhalt” for Knaresborough which proved to be a empty promise last time due to financial constraints on Network Rail.

The proposals go out to public consultation in September this year. Tell me what you think!

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