Free Parking Cut at York Place Knaresborough

by billhoult on 31 July, 2011

Increased parking charges in Knaresborough are bad enough in the current economic climate, however cutting the one hour free car parking on York Place Car Park is crazy. targeted at being introduced on the 1 September 2011

iEnd of Free Parking?t will firstly put the Eastgate Doctors Surgery and its patients at a disadvantage being the only practice without easily accessible free parking.

King James School

Also York Place Car ParkĀ is used intensively by parents dropping off and picking up their children attending King James School where parking facilities are inadequate. it is particularly the “pick up” that will give the problem when parents currently arrive say 15 or 20 minutes before the school closes and wait or go to meet their children leaving school. Denied of the free parking it is easy to see that there will be an increase in unauthorised parking in the near vicinity of the school such as York Lane, Garth, Close, Road and King James Road (already congested with buses coming and going).

No Consultation

All this is made worse by the fact that there has been no consultation with either local elected members or businesses or King James School. Indeed the school is now closed for summer and common sense says that no changes should but in place until the school has had time to evaluate and respond to a consultation.

North Yorkshire County Council

Although the County Council claim that they are unable to comment on these changes they do have a responsibility to raise issues of concern if the proposals are likely to cause problems on the adjacent highway network. I have already written to the County Council to remind them of that fact and to point out the serious highway issues that are likely to arise in connection with the school traffic.

If that were not all the hour free parking (Monday-Friday) on Waterside Car Park, Knaresborough is also being cut.


If you wish to find out more about the changes or object contact the Cabinet Member for Planning, Transport and Economic Development Cllr Richard Cooper at or comment directly on this blog.

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