Youth Councils in North Yorkshire-Have Your Say

by billhoult on 25 September, 2011

Liberal Democrats in North Yorkshire support the County Council’s aims  to improve participation by young people. To encourage that  the Young People’s Scrutiny Committee is making contact with the 16 Youth Councils across North Yorkshire.  Each youth council is made up of young people from across their local area and there is a County Youth Council made up of representatives from the area youth councils.  The youth councils meet to discuss and act on issues that matter to young people.  Recent topics have included healthy eating, first aid training, access to affordable transport, and a young carer’s card. 

Cllr Keith Barnes (Lib Dem member of the Scrutiny Committee) says. “It’s not about sitting around boardroom tables and always being serious.  What it is about is:

Chain Lane Centre saved


having your voice heard
getting involved
influencing things for the better
contributing to your local community

As a youth councillor you meet and deal with all kinds of people.  You get to speak up aboout your local area,  lots of planning and decisions to make, fun trips away, events to go to and speak at, radio broadcasts and lots more.’ 

For more information Google ‘Yorkshire Youth Councils’. ” 

Cllr Keith Barnes

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