£12 Million White Elephant?

by billhoult on 27 February, 2012

LIberal Democrat councillors in Harrogate are opposing the proposal by the Conservative led Council to spend at least £12million on purchasing the old police station and consolidating the Councils operations into a new building on the site.

Liberal Democrats do not object to the principle of rationalisation of the offices which are currently located at Crescent Gardens, Knapping Mount, Springfield House and Scottsdale House. However it is considered foolhardy to embark on such a huge development in these economically difficult times. The HIC is losing money, the changes to the management of the Royal Hall are challenging and changes to Government grants over the next few years is very unpredictable say the least.

Our concern is that the approach to this venture has been rushed and may well lead to Council Tax payers being faced with a massive bill to bail out another white elephant of a scheme.

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