Incinerator Costs Don’t Add Up

by billhoult on 22 July, 2012

A recent calculation of the costs of the proposed Allerton Recycling plant and incinerator has revealed that contrary to previous claims it will cost more. Changes in legislation particularly the scrapping of  the controversial Landfill  Allowance Trading  Scheme have blown a hole in the costings by reducing a £324M saving into a £30M loss. The figures have been taken from the County Council’s own figures set out in a report to the Executive in November 2010

Bill comments  “I raised this issue as a question at the last Full Council (18 July 2012) meeting and received a reply that indicated that the Executive are in denial about the way things have changed. If you wish to see the question and answer look in my Allerton Page in the list on the left of this article”

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