£12M scheme for Harrogate’s Cop Shop Scuppered

by billhoult on 14 September, 2012

The £12M scheme by the Tory led Harrogate Borough Council to build new offices on the police station site on North Park Road has been scuppered by English Heritage “listing” the building as a historic treasure which means it cannot be demolished. As the proposal was to demolish this part of Harrogate’s heritage and build a modern office block for the Councils bureaucrats the only obvious way forward now is to abandon the scheme or carry out extensive alterations to the building itself and this would cost a lot of Council taxpayers money. 

The whole project was hastily conceived and not thought through which is why all the Liberal Democrat Councillors voted against the scheme

“There was a feeling that some of the Tory Executive were so hell bent on getting it through that caution went out the window” claims Cllr Bill Hoult “there was even a move to sign up to the deal before English Heritage had made their decision about whether to list the building or not, thank goodness they did not.”

Accommodation for officers is not ideal but neither is it in crisis so there is time to stand back and take our time as to how to make things better without throwing large sums of taxpayers money at it. The future of our finances is still frail to say the least so investing in risky projects is just irresponsble.

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