Incinerator Costs-County Keep Mum!

by billhoult on 14 September, 2012

At a recent meeting of North Yorkshire County Council I called upon the Director of Business and Environmental Services to undertake to give an update on the financial status of the Allerton Waste Recovery Site in view of the changes in legislation and falls in domestic rubbish collections.

Predictably the Director refused on the grounds that the information was commercially confidential. However he did confirm that the planning application for the project had been submitted and was expected to be considered by the NYCC Planning Committee on 23 October this year. Further to that he told the meeting that a full evaluation of the value for money aspects of the project would be completed after the planning decision in the new year probably January 2013.


2 Responses

  1. Mrs G Timson says:

    So the residents in your area are threatened with a stinking smoke stack (called an incinerator) which is planned to be built. Do you realise the HEALTH problems which are likely to ensue from this namely cancer, asthma and other serious respiratory problems. It would be folly to build this incinerator and I hope you will listen to the voice of your residents and not BIG BUSINESS.

  2. billhoult says:

    Thanks for the comment Mrs Timson it is good to know that you are visiting my site. If you have read my page on the “Allerton Quarry-waste” (see “Whats Inside” on the left) you would know that I have always opposed the proposal since it was first mooted about three years ago. Glad to have you on board!

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