Allerton Incinerator -Tories push it through

by billhoult on 1 November, 2012

After a 6 hour marathon planning meeting on the 30 October the vote on the Allerton Incinerator was pushed through by the Tories at County Hall  by a margin of 9 votes to 2, there was little surprise by yours truely who of course voted against together with my colleague Cllr Andrew Goss. I repeat my view that it was a travesty that the North Yorkshire County Council was allowed to vote on such a contentious item when it  has such a vested interest in the outcome having awarded the £1.7Billion contract to  Amey Cespa in the first place! Could there ever have been a different outcome I would ask in all honesty?

We are now left hoping that the Secretary of State for Communities does the right thing and calls the application in during the next 6 weeks and has a public enquiry

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