Anger over Knaresborough Bus Wars

by billhoult on 31 July, 2013

Many residents have contacted me about the current bus wars being carried out by Transdev and Harrogate Coach Travel through the streets of our Town mainly the Aspin Estate. I am well aware of the disruption and trouble that is being caused but those of you that I have written too do know that  there is unfortunately no way to control the current situation.

The only control on the bus operators is that they have to give six weeks notice to what are called “traffic commissioners” (nothing to do with the County Council) of their intention to run or change a service. The Traffic Commissioners can then only hold the Companies to account if they fail to deliver the service that they have promised.

The County Council can only make conditions on those services that they subsidise (uneconomic services) and the services currently being provided through the Aspin Estate are receiving no public subsidy.

In my own personal opinion I believe we should have some control over such activities and the emission rates of the vehicles, particularly as virtually all of these buses pass through Bond End which is currently an Air Quality Management Area due to consistently exceeded recommended acceptable pollution levels.


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