Hard to Get Rid Of!

by billhoult on 24 May, 2014

Bill Hoult

Bill Hoult

Readers may know that I have stood down from the Harrogate District Council after 20 years service and have been replaced by Liberal Democrat Councillor David Goode.

In a report in the Ackrill Press ¬†Mike Renton the Tory candidate defeated by David was quoted as saying “Bill has been hard to get rid of” Coming from a Conservative this rather inelegant comment ¬†could hardly be a better accolade for my service over my period in office. I hope when established David will receive a similar endorsement in 20 years!

Seriously I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those people who over my period in office on the District have supported or voted for me. I have been humbled by the number of residents who have thanked me during the current election for all I have done.

And by the way Mr Renton two further points :-

1) You have still not got rid of me as I am still on the North Yorkshire County Council, and

2) It is the electors who “get rid” of Councillors not their political opponents and you would do well to remember that!

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