Lib Dems Clean Sweep in Knaresborough Polls

by billhoult on 24 May, 2014

On Thursday Knaresborough electors gave Liberal Democrats a clean sweep of the four District Council elections and the one Town Council Byelection (caused by a Tory councillor being disqualified by failing to attend a single meeting for 6 months.

Christine, David and Anne after the Count

Christine, David and Anne after the Count

The three winners at District were

Cllr David Goode for Knaresborough King James

Cllr Christine Willoughby Knaresborough East

Cllr Anne Jones Knaresborough Scriven Park

The Town Election was also won by David Goode

On the wider front The Liberal Democrats have lost three seats to the Conservatives and the state of the parties on Harrogate Borough Council is now:-

Conservative 34

Lib Dems 15

Independents 4

Liberal 1



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