Europe At Peace

by billhoult on 7 June, 2014

Watching the commemoration of D-day this week and  the previous reminders to us all of the sacrifices made in the First and Second World Wars brought home to me how important the creation of a United Europe has been. The creation was in response to the terrible slaughter experienced after the two World Wars in the last century which were just repeats of the seemingly interminable territorial disputes that split European nations over the previous millennium.

Both of those wars exhausted Europe both morally and financially and led to us as a nation to turn “cap in hand” to the then emerging United States, not only to provide men and material  to turn the tide but to provide us with loans and support to recover afterwards. Thank goodness that they had the vision and determination to do that

The move to unite Europe after the Second World War was a determination by visionary Europeans to say “never again” to Europe tearing itself apart but to become democratic states united by the rule of law and this is a reality we often forget.

I am of an age to remember when Franco in Spain, Salazar in Portugal together with the Greek colonels ruled as dictators in Western Europe and in the East the Communist hegemony ruled emphasised by the wall separating East and West Germany. The benefits of a United Europe played a major part in bringing democracy and prosperity to all the people within the Union on the basis of common interest.

That is why I support the European Union and stand amazed at those few whose parents and grandparents who died for those values wish to go back to bitterness and division.

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