Honorary Alderman Award for Bill

by billhoult on 20 July, 2014

Readers of my blogs will know that I stood down from  Harrogate District Council last May after 20 years service. A nice surprise for me was when I was called tom attend a Council meeting to be made an Honorary Alderman of the Borough in recognition of my long service as a Councillor. At the same meeting the outgoing and excellent Mayor Mike Newby was also recognised in the same way.

Honorary Alderman and David Goode

Honorary Alderman Bill Hoult and Cllr David Goode

“Although purely symbolic (the position carries neither privileges,duties nor allowances) I am greatly moved by the decision taken by my former colleagues to appoint me as an Honorary Alderman. Also I would like to give my best wishes to Liberal Democrat Cllr David Goode who replaced me as a representative of Knaresborough on the Council.”

Bill still represents Knaresborough in his role as County Councillor on North Yorkshire County Council.

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