Demise of Public Services

by billhoult on 17 September, 2014

The referendum in Scotland seemed to have been going on for ever but it did highlight the understandable dislike by the Scottish people of always being ruled by a Westminster parliament they did not vote for. Added to that is the worry over the increasing privatisation of public services which they value highly.

Should We All Worry?

Indeed we should have concerns about this when we are constantly being told that privatisation of what many of us think are public services (Post Offices, BT, Water Companies, Electricity Companies  Council housing etc.) is good. The claim is that they will be more efficient, better for the Country and subject to the “free wind of invigorating competition”.

This all pales when we discover that as an example major chunks of our Electricity Companies, including a viable coal power station sold off by Margaret Thatcher have been purchased by the French state owned Company “Electricite de France”, a sort of reverse privatisation.

The closure of Kellingley colliery in North Yorkshire is not because of a lack of need for coal but that we are importing cheap coal from other countries. We see other companies now in private hands setting up their operations in complex ways to avoid paying tax to the Countries that they are supposed to serve. When large private Companies like the Banks fail and almost bring the economy to its knees they arrogantly call on the taxpayer to provide a bail out so they can keep their annual bonuses. Is it a surprise that people having lost control of their public services feel helpless, let down, ripped off and disillusioned? It is time that we re-balanced our economy so that the state retains a controlling interest in all the services that a civilised country believe are essential for its residents.

Disclosure Esssential

A good start would be for  all Companies contracted by public bodies to provide services whether it be highways, waste control, IT etc. be required to open their books in regard to the service provided for public scrutiny and not hide behind the screen of commercial confidentiality.

Bill Hoult

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