Tories and Labour Vote to Push Incinerator Through

by billhoult on 24 September, 2014

At an Extraordinary meeting of the County Council on 24 September Tories and Labour joined forces and voted to push through contentious £1.4B Allerton Incinerator project.

Ten objectors to the proposal pleaded from the public gallery for either deferral or rejection of the project on the grounds of unviability and unproven need.

Cllr Bill Hoult Leader of the Liberal Democrats who voted against the incinerator and indeed supported a proposal to defer a decision comments. “It was clear from the start of the meeting that the Tories with their overwhelming majority were determined to see the Incinerator approved whatever the arguments against. It was however disappointing to see the opposition Labour Group lining up behind them in what was a Tory/Labour pact.”

The contract will be signed after a thirty days cooling off period to allow for any legal callenges such as judicial reviews to be submitted.

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