Denial of Fundamental Rights of Appeal

by billhoult on 14 May, 2015

Liberal Democrats at North Yorkshire County Council are opposing a proposal by the Tory led administration to remove a key right of appeal for staff members who are being dismissed. The proposal is revealed following the release of the County Council Agenda for next Wednesdays (20 May 2015) meeting.

The main reasons given for adopting this approach are that the Authority has had difficulties in arranging  suitable training days for members serving on the Committee and also that on appeal the Committee has sometimes supported the staff member!

Cllr Bill Hoult Leader of the Liberal Democrats at County Hall comments

“You could not make it up! If the dismissal is wrong it should be overturned and this reinforces our opposition. What we Liberal Democrats are proposing is that staff be given the right to choose to have their appeals considered by three elected members.

Currently staff being dismissed other than for redundancy or attendance reasons have a right to appeal to a Committee made up of at least three elected members from different political parties. The new proposal will strike out two of those members and replace it with one elected member sitting with an officer.

Liberal Democrats understandably reject this approach as being against natural justice and a denial of the rights of staff to get a fair hearing.

Cllr Bill Hoult addsI think that it speaks volumes that the appeal committee is criticised for giving the “wrong decision” (i.e. supporting the appeal) in some cases that then causes the authority problems!



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