Application to Frack for Gas

by billhoult on 17 October, 2015

As a member of the North Yorkshire County Council’s Planning and Regulatory Committee I have had many communications of concern (both for and aginst)regarding the proposal to carry out hydraulic fracturing to extract gas from shale deposits (Fracking) near Kirby Misperton.

As a member of the Planning Committee I must be constrained about committing myself in regard to any applications that come before the Committee until I have considered the application and all evidence presented to me. I promise you that I will do so with due diligence.

It would be useful for me to point out that most of the objections raised are in regard to national issues over which North Yorkshire County Council has little or no influence bearing in mind the current Government’s wholehearted support for Fracking. Also Local Authorities are just not allowed to reject applications for processes that have been approved by other agencies such as the Environment Agency which limits considerably our powers as a planning committee.

This, I may say contradicts the Government’s claim to be devolving decision making powers to Local Authorities.

You may not be aware that if the Authority rejects the application on other than planning grounds it is likely to provoke an appeal by the applicants which is likely to be approved and may well be accompanied by a claim for costs against the Council.

As a member of the Committee I must take all the above matters into consideration when making my decision on any application.




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